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Legacy - Limited Edition (available ONLY in shop)

CHF 1,100 CHF 600

Marque Head
SKU: 313319-170

Step into a Supershape i. Rally, a performance ski which delivers in any terrain. On-piste, your already immaculate parallel turns will be snappier and even more precise. Edge control has never been easier. The tapering from shovel to waist releases even more speed in the turn. Even in spring snow or ungroomed terrain, you can leverage all of your skills. The easy buoyancy in this ski is a key feature that may come as a surprise to you.

  • SPEED 
  • LEVEL 


SPEED: fast
TERRAIN: Allride
SKILL: Advanced
LENGTHS: 156/163/170/177
RADIUS: 13,7 @ Length 170
SIDECUT: 135 / 76 / 114 @ Length 170


  • KERS
  • ERA 3.0 S
  • Graphene Worldcup Sandwich Cap Construction
  • RD Race Structured UHM C Base
  • Speed Rocker


149 132 74 112 10,6
156 133 75 113 11,6
163 134 75 113 12,6
170 135 76 114 13,7
177 136 77 115 14,7

GRAPHENE is the thinnest and lightest element ever discovered by mankind. GRAPHENE is also the strongest material on the planet, stronger than diamond and 300 times stronger than steel, all in the thickness of one atom.


Please note that HEAD bindings are intended only for use with skis when mounted, adjusted and serviced by an authorized sporting goods retailer or authorized technician. Warranties will be void if the bindings are not mounted, adjusted and serviced accordingly.